About Carol Harris

About the photographer

Carol Harris is a fine art photographer living on a farm in northwest Tennessee. Her specialty is macro photography and flower portraits but she also dabbles in landscape, seascape, portrait and pet photography. She loves color and the use of natural light. Many of her works are photographed against a clean white background but she also shoots outdoors using natural backgrounds. The nearest botanical garden is 75 miles away so she relies on flower farmers in the area and flowers grown in her own gardens for her subjects.

“I love beautiful things so flowers and fine art are a natural fit for me. Showing the viewer the tiny details within the big picture, using a harmonious color scheme, and soft lighting of a beautiful subject is paramount to my work. My choice of camera settings and lenses is based on what I want to draw my viewer’s attention to. Photoshop helps me achieve my final vision.”

– Carol Harris

Where to find my work

My work is located in Rosebriar at Charlene’s Colony of Shoppes at 2257 Hwy 88W in Halls, TN 38040

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Carol Harris
2532 Old Fowlkes Road
Dyersburg, TN 38024
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